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One of the most important things anyone accused of a crime can do is to call a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to protect their rights. Your case begins the second the police start reading you your rights and take out the handcuffs. Getting an attorney involved early in the process minimizes your chances of feeling the full force of the criminal justice system and reduces the potential risks posed by the charges against you.

Stanley K. Luke is uniquely qualified to help residents in Crestview, Florida, and the surrounding areas with their criminal cases. As a former prosecutor, Stanley K. Luke knows both sides of the law. This gives him complete knowledge of how a criminal case works, and he can adjust his strategies accordingly given any particular case.

A strong defensive strategy is crucial for people accused of a crime. The Law Office of Stanley K. Luke can put together a strong strategy for people facing many different charges, including:

  • Drug charges
  • Theft crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Misdemeanors and felonies

Don’t let the system do what it wants. There are proactive steps you can take after being accused of a crime to give yourself a fighting chance.

Protect Yourself And Fight For Your Future

It’s never an easy road, but successfully defending a case is an achievable goal. With the right legal counsel, you could move past this unfortunate chapter of your life. Stanley K. Luke wants to help you get there. Call 850-682-1190  or contact us online.

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