Effectively Addressing Complex Family Issues

No matter how it turns out, a family law case is sure to change your life. The decisions made during the course of a divorce or child custody case are going to affect you, so you need to be prepared not just for the case itself but for all the important matters that come after. Attorney Stanley K. Luke can help in this regard, and with a wide range of cases.

  • Divorce: May it be contested, uncontested or involve spouses in the military, our firm can address all of the complex issues involved with divorce.
  • Child custody and child support: We have a successful history helping parents come to terms with their child custody arrangement.
  • Adoption and dependency cases: These are delicate cases, but we can pursue solutions to these complicated matters.
  • Visitation and paternity: Whether you want visitation adjustments or are contesting paternity, The Law Office of Stanley K. Luke can support you.
  • Maintenance and support after a divorce: Always a critical issue, you will need a lawyer to advise you through the intricate details of your unique case.
  • Mediation: If you and your spouse want to take a different course of action with your divorce, we are skilled in helping divorcing couples go through mediation.

Financial Considerations As A Result Of Divorce

In addition to these family law issues, we also address some financial issues that often get lost in the divorce shuffle. If you need to alter your will after a divorce or if you are worried about probate as a result of your divorce, reach out to The Law Office of Stanley K. Luke online or call 850-682-1190

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